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Martin Hemingway, Alto Saxophone

After learning some recorder and piano in primary school, Martin began playing the saxophone at the age of 12 and trombone at 13. By the time he had finished high school he had received his Licentiate of Music Australia on saxophone, Licentiate of Trinity College London on trombone, recorded a concerto with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and topped the state for his final year 12 recital. He was accepted into the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music on both instruments, and chose to focus on classical music and the trombone, whilst doing French as part of a double degree with Arts. Interestingly he had an existential shift several years later, and ended up finishing his degrees with majors in Philosophy and Music Performance with Honours on saxophone.
Martin subsequently performed many times with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria and the Malaysian Philharmonic on the saxophone. He has been lucky enough to travel widely around the world, including volunteering three times in India. He walked 800km across the top of Spain, spent time studying Flamenco guitar in Santiago, Chile, learnt Spanish in Equador and Nicaragua and climbed glaciers in Patagonia. He has played in a range of different bands, from hard rock and funk through to folk and jazz. He has recorded numerous folk-rock albums playing piano, guitar, saxophone and singing, and toured the east and west coasts of Australia.  

Martin is an experienced, vivacious and engaging teacher who has worked at a range of institutions across Melbourne, from pre-school through to masters level students. He has a passion for social justice and has completed a Masters in International Development, volunteering at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and travelling to India 3 times to work with local NGOs. He is an avid gardener and builder who recently finished constructing a purpose built music studio. He also likes reading, bushwalking, camping, yoga, running, riding and swimming. He completed the Melbourne Marathon in 2018, and has participated in many trail half-marathons. 

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