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Taking up the Alto Saxophone aged 12, Lachlan went on to graduate with distinction from The Victorian College of the Arts in 1983. Performing solos five times with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, lead Alto sax with The Australian art Orchestra and the Daryl Mckenzie Jazz Orchestra and many T.V. (Dancing with the stars/Australia-first 15 seasons) and concert performances (Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, John Farnham, George Benson) also on many C.D’s and films. He released his first album as bandleader/composer in 1999 unLokked, “A hot night in Burwood” and has released three contrasting jazz albums as bandleader in 2020 with two Jazz fusion albums to be released in 2024. He played Soprano Saxophone in the Clinch Saxophone quartet which also has an album coming out in 2024 in combination with Solace.

He currently teaches at Caulfield Grammar School in the jazz department and as resident composer/arranger and has taught Classical and jazz saxophone at The Victorian college of the arts and Monash University.


He was chief arranger for the original “Dancing with the Stars” and orchestrates for Big-bands and Orchestras etc. (MSO, SSO, film, T.V. and many schools) His large body of published compositions include music for big-band, solo Saxophone and other woodwinds, Saxophone quartet and songs including new works to be published in 2023/4. and are his publishers as well as many works self published on his website ( He has also been commissioned to compose for orchestra and various mixed ensembles plus several musicals. Conducting school musicals has been a recent addition to his skill set, including Les Mis, Chicago and Wicked.


Lachlan loves creating and performing music and helping others to do so. Lachlan is also a former Mini Quest Catamaran Champion, hits a fair tennis ball and can juggle four balls at once.

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