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The Melbourne Saxophone Quartet

Formed in late 2023, this quartet of professional saxophonists has adopted the name of a group that existed in the 1990’s of which Lachlan Davidson was a founding member. Today he is joined by Martin Hemingway: Alto sax, Tarko Sibbel: Tenor sax and Stuart Byrne: Baritone sax. The group's plan is simple: play good music well. The versatility and virtuosity of the players gives them the ability to cross genres with exceptional alacrity and they will be stretching themselves from Mendelssohn to contemporary Australian jazz. Collaborations are in the pipeline, and a recording of Niko Schauble’s new collection of ten quartets "Then this" is now available on Bandcamp.  

A launch is happening soon.

Concerts and other recordings are already planned. Look out for us on YouTube and Instagram too.

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